Nikuni VDF Hydrocyclone filter/separator

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Nikuni VDF hydrocyclone media-free filter/separator

Nikuni VDF hydrocyclone filter/separators and will extract solid particles from a wide range of fluids. VDF hydrocyclones have no moving parts, are media-free, and were originally designed for removing metallic particles from machine tool coolant.

Nikuni VDF hydrocyclone filter/separator

The Nikuni VDF vortex dynamic filters are hydrocyclones specifically designed to enhance the performance of machine tool coolants.  This is achieved by removing a large percentage of any metallic particles present in the flow of coolant to the tool head.

Nikuni VDF vortex dynamic filters are available in stainless steel and nylon. Flow rates available range from 20 lpm to 1,000 lpm

Typical VDF single pass removal performance on aluminium is:

99% of all metallic particles down to 25µm
98% of all metallic particles down to 15µm
95% of all metallic particles down to 10µm
90% of all metallic particles down to 5µm
65% of all metallic particles down to 3µm

Benefits of fitting a VDF hydrocyclone are:

Cleaner coolant and a longer life-cycle
Reduced tool wear
Superior surface finish
Shorter cycle times
No filter elements to block
No filter elements to change
More machine tool up-time and less downtime

VDF Range:
Nominal flow capacity; body material: SCS13

  • 20 lpm
  • 30 lpm
  • 50 lpm
  • 70 lpm
  • 100 lpm
  • 200 lpm
  • 300 lpm
  • 1,000 lpm - now available in SCS13 cast stainless steel 

Nominal flow capacity; body material: resin (Nylon PA6)

  • 30 lpm
  • 65 lpm
  • 100 lpm

Coolant contamination (metallic particles) can be returned to a separate contaminated fluid tank or consolidated in a purpose designed sludge pod and dumped at regular intervals. Fully automated air operated sludge pod dump valves are available.

Please play the video to see how the Nikuni VDF hydrocyclone and the sludge pod can provide media-free separation for you...

Highly magnified marked-up images of the separation performance of the Nikuni VDF hydrocyclones are available - please ask for copies via e-mail.

 See our application pages for VDF, C-CAT and Drum Pod for more details and further videos of the Nikuni VDF hydrocyclone separators