Nikuni KTM gas-mixing fine bubble generating pumps

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Nikuni KTM gas-mixing fine bubble generating pumps

Nikuni KTM gas-mixing pumps have been used for over 20 years around the world across many sectors of industry to generate a consistent fine bubble discharge (microbubbles at an average diameter of ~25um) combining many different fluids and gasses.

Outstanding products...

Nikuni KTM aerator pumps offer a range of fluid flows from 16 lpm to 700 lpm (50Hz operation, 60Hz operation is also possible) and air or gas injection up to 10% of the fluid flow.  All Nikuni KTM pumps are supplied complete with an air nozzle assembly.  

Please play the video to see a typical Nikuni KTM pump fine bubble discharge:

Full KTM pump installation kits and complete turn-key pump packages are available from A&M.

Nikuni KTM pumps are available as:

  • Monoblock one-piece motor/pump assembly, sizes from 16 lpm to 40 lpm  
  • Stand-alone pump c/w bearing block, coupling and guard
  • Stand-alone pump c/w bearing block, coupling and guard, pre-fitted to a fully machined cast steel base ready for a suitable foot mounted electric motor
  • As above complete with motor; ready for on-site motor-pump alignment and connections
  • As above complete with motor; motor and pump precision laser-aligned, ready for connections and use
  • As a complete turn-key skid or pallet mounted package, c/w excess air tank, pipework, gauges, valves, electrical control panel

Nikuni KTM pumps are advanced designs of regenerative turbines, optimised for the consistent delivery of a fine bubble discharge. Fine bubbles, commonly called 'microbubbles' are classified as bubbles with an average diameter of less than 50µm. 

A standard Nikuni KTM fitted with an A&M excess air tank will produce a very consistent fine bubble discharge at an average bubble diameter of ~25µm. Fine bubble discharges at less than 10µm can be achieved with the addition of extra equipment.

Nikuni KTM pump will draw in (suck in) up to 10% of the fluid flow in air or a gas.  Fine bubbles are produced by shearing air or a gas into bubbles within a carrier fluid.  This technique requires a high degree of precision in manufacture, the value of which is made plain by the long working life and low maintenance of these pumps in service around the world.

A Nikuni KTM pump can be used to inject air, oxygen, ozone, hydrogen, nitrogen, chlorine, carbon dioxide, flue gas, methane etc. into a carrier fluid.  Nikuni KTM pumps can also be used to mix liquids and mix powders with liquids.

A wide range of fluids can be pumped by Nikuni KTM pumps, and pump wetted materials are available in cast iron, 304 or 316 stainless steels, duplex steels and titanium.

Complete pump installation kits are available from Aeration & Mixing along with turn-key pump packages.  Enquires are welcomed for bespoke packages as well as the standard production items.

Aeration & Mixing is involved in fine bubble research and is always interested in engaging with clients looking to develop new applications and uses for these outstanding pump products.