Nikuni C-CAT standalone hydrocyclone filter/separator

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Nikuni C-CAT standalone hydrocyclone media-free filter/separator

The Nikuni C-CAT is a standalone maintenance-free filtration system incorporating the VDF hydrocyclone. It is fitted with its own solids tolerant pump, frame-mounted and can be either dedicated to one machine or used mobile around the plant or work-space.

Nikuni C-CAT standalone media-free filter/separator

The Nikuni C-CAT filtration system was developed for use with machine tools to provide a simple maintenance-free solution to clean metallic contamination from water-based coolants. It incorporates a Nikuni VDF hydrocyclone and can be retrofitted to many existing machines without major modification to the coolant system tank.

Typical Nikuni C-CAT single-pass metallic particle removal performance on aluminium in water-based coolants is:
• 99% of all metallic particles down to 25µm
• 98% of all metallic particles down to 15µm
• 95% of all metallic particles down to 10µm
• 90% of all metallic particles down to 5µm
• 65% of all metallic particles down to 3µm

C-CAT model range includes models with flow capacities of:
• 20 lpm
• 30 lpm
• 50 lpm
• 70 lpm
• 100 lpm
• 200 lpm
• 300 lpm
• 1,000 lpm (under development)

Nikuni C-CAT units are available with all models of the VDF hydrocyclones in SCS13 or with resin (Nylon 6) bodies for 30 lpm, 65 lpm and 100 lpm models.

A C-CAT can be used as:
• Primary filtration
• Secondary filtration
• As a back-up to existing filtration systems
• To extend the life-cycle of existing replaceable media
• As a standalone with adjustable feet
• As a mobile unit with castors (options on castor tyre available)

As with all Nikuni VDF hydrocyclones, C-CAT is available with a sludge pod which is fitted to the base of the unit and used to accumulate separated materials.  Sludge pods can be supplied with manual or automated (timed) controls.

The Nikuni C-CAT is also available as a kit of parts for self-assembly.  A number of options are available, please see our Application Pages for further information or contact Aeration&Mixing for further information.