A&M Nikuni KTM pump installation kits

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A&M Nikuni KTM pump kits for the installation for all KTM pumps

A&M KTM pump installation kits were developed to facilitate good pump installation practice, ensuring all the correct components were on hand to make certain the pump would be able to operate at the most efficient level. All parts are made from SS316.

A&M Nikuni KTM pump installation kits (1) and complete Nikuni KTM pump packages (2)

1 - Nikuni KTM pump installation kits

In order to facilitate good practice in the installation of Nikuni KTM pumps, Aeration & Mixing developed kits of parts to ensure all the correct parts were on hand at the time of KTM pump installation.

The kits contain all the correctly sized key parts needed around a Nikuni KTM pump to ensure it can be operated effectively, and a majority of the parts needed to connect a KTM pump to an A&M excess air tank.

A&M Nikuni KTM pump installation kits contain parts in SS316 as follows:

  • Precision-machined all-welded SS316 suction and discharge pipe assemblies - correctly sized for the model of Nikuni KTM pump
  • Each assembly contains ports for: 1 x relief valve;  1 x gauge; 1 x sampling or additional instrumentation; 1 x drain or additional instrumentation
  • Valves
  • Gauges
  • Fittings
  • Brackets
  • Excess air tank (optional in SS316 or PN10 Polypropylene)

The provision of straight suction and discharge line pipe assemblies is important for the best performance of a microbubble (fine bubble) generating pump.  It ensures the fluid flows of both suction and discharge lines can be optimised to straight linear runs of >6 x pipe diameter, ensuring the best fluid flow characteristics to and from the Nikuni KTM pump.  

The A&M kit components are designed so that, while the suction line assembly will (and should) always be horizontal, the discharge line assembly can be used vertically in-line with the discharge port or, at 90° after the swing check valve, as installation space permits. 

2 - Nikuni KTM pump complete packages

A&M supplies complete assembled and tested Nikuni KTM pump packages. Each package comprises:

  • Nikuni KTM pump
  • A&M kit of parts for installation
  • A&M excess air tank in SS316 or PN10 Polypropylene
  • Skid
  • Control panel (optional)
  • Test certificates

A wide variety of options are available - details on request