A&M unique designs of excess air tank for Nikuni KTM pumps

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A&M excess air tanks for Nikuni KTM pumps

A&M have successfully developed their own unique designs of excess air tank specifically for use with Nikuni KTM microbubble generating pumps. A&M tanks are available in SS316 for all sizes of KTM pumps and PN10 polypropylene for pumps up to KTM 40.

A&M© excess air tanks are designed for low pressure fluids circuits that operate at up to 10 bars (1.0MPa) and a maximum temperature of 100°C.  

The purpose of these tanks, when used with ambient air, is to provide a means of venting any large bubbles of entrained air arising from the production of fine bubbles (microbubbles) within a Nikuni KTM pump.

The A&M design of excess air tank has been proven to improve the consistency of the fine bubble generation delivered by the Nikuni KTM pumps.  All A&M KTM pump packages are fitted with our own design of stainless steel excess air tank. 

A&M excess air tanks are made from SS316 or Duplex steels for all sizes of KTM pump.  Tanks in stainless steels can be made with a flanged bolted removeable top-hat arrangement for when internal access is needed.  All stainless-steel tanks are fitted with three stainless-steel legs, with the feet pre-drilled for bolting-down on site.

A&M excess air tanks are also available in PN10 polypropylene for all KTM pumps up to and including size 40.  Excess air tanks in polypropylene are available with or without stainless-steel legs.

Excess air tanks used with ambient air, carbon dioxide and (in some cases) nitrogen, are all fitted with a special vent valve, in order to release any excess air/gas without significantly varying the pressure-drop across the internal chamber.

Excess air tanks used with oxygen, ozone, hydrogen, chlorine, methane or flue gasses are only vented when a secondary safe and approved means of dispersing or (in the cases of chlorine and ozone) neutralising the vented gas is available.   Different valves are available from A&M in brass/stainless or all SS316 for different gas applications.

All A&M tanks use a bottom entry/side exit format.  Tanks in both polypropylene and stainless steels up to and including KTM 40 are fitted with BSPP female threads.   Stainless steel tanks for KTM50S1/S2/S3, KTM65S and KTM80S are fitted with stainless steel flange fittings.  

Non-standard tanks to meet challenging installation situations can be supplied to special order.  Aeration & Mixing welcomes enquiries for tanks to operate with Nikuni KTM pumps.