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Aeration&Mixing are the sole UK distributors of Nikuni Co. pumps and EU-wide distributors of Nikuni hydrocyclones - call or e-mail us today

Aeration&Mixing© Products

Aeration&Mixing supplies microbubble generation equipment, aerators and hydrocyclone separators to clients in the UK, EU, Middle East, Far East and elsewhere. Established in 2012, A&M distributes the Nikuni Co. KTM microbubble generating pumps and VDF hydrocyclones and new designs of waste water aeration systems and associated equipment.

A&M© partner Nikuni Co. is a long-established Japanese Company located in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa, Japan manufacturing a large range of over 100 different high quality pumps, hydrocyclones and related equipment packages. Nikuni Co. KTM gas-mixing microbubble generating pumps are used all over the world in many industries to create consistent microbubbles (fine bubbles) of gasses in liquids.

Applications such as separation by flotation (DAF), aeration, the mixing of gasses including ozone into liquids, even mixing powders into liquids, changing the state of a liquid or waste using a range of gasses all feature as regular applications of the well tried and tested Nikuni KTM pump technology. A&M carries stocks of Nikuni KTM pumps, VDF hydrocyclones and relevant spare parts.

A&M manufactures complete microbubble (fine bubble) generation packages based upon the Nikuni KTM pumps from 16 lpm to 700 lpm. A&M also supplies its own designs of installation kits for Nikuni KTM pumps, which include bespoke pipe assemblies and excess air tanks, valves and purpose-designed components to provide for good pump installation practice.A&M distributes Nikuni Co. VDF hydrocyclones which are used widely across the globe to remove metal particles from coolants and cutting fluids used in CNC machine tool systems.

A&M also supplies A&M aerator/mixers for the aeration of industrial waste water and active sludge for installation in tanks and vessels. These new designs of aeration systems are energy efficient and provide a low maintenance answer to many waste treatment processes.
A&M is active in developing both new applications of these well-established technologies as well as new innovative processes and welcomes enquiries from all sectors.