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27/5/2016 Nikuni VDF hydrocyclone media-free filter/separator

Nikuni VDF hydrocyclone filter/separators will extract solid particles from a wide range of fluids. Hydrocyclones have no moving parts, are media-free, and were originally designed for removing metallic particles from machine tool coolant.

Aeration&Mixing Ltd

Press release subject: Nikuni VDF Hydrocyclones
Date: May 27th 2016

Aeration&Mixing© are the sole authorised EU distributors of Nikuni VDF hydrocyclones. VDF hydrocyclones are used to separate extremely small metallic particles in fluids, principally from machine tool coolant systems. Typical VDF separation performance is 90% of particles of aluminium at 10µm and above can be removed in one pass.

While Nikuni’s VDF hydrocyclones can separate many fine particles from within fluids, they were specifically designed for the effective separation of fine particles of metals from fluids, even as small as 3µm.

Installing a VDF hydrocyclone can create significant benefits for machine operators, as coolants fed to their machines will be cleaner and not suffer down-time from blocked filter elements. In fact, users across the world have found that a VDF hydrocyclone can pay for its installation by reducing maintenance and eliminating the cost of repeated filter element replacements.

Another benefit of installing a VDF hydrocyclone is that cleaner coolant increases machine tool life and can reduce tool damage. It can also have a marked effect on overall machining centre productivity, by reducing the number of passes required for fine surface finishing.

The cost savings and increase in productivity made possible by the installation of VDF hydrocyclones in coolant circuits are within the reach of every size of organisation and Aeration&Mixing welcomes enquiries for further information.