A&M-Nikuni KTM microbubble pump trial unit

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Nikuni KTM microbubble pump trial unit available in SS304/SS316

The A&M-Nikuni KTM microbubble pump trial unit is available with either SS304 or SS316 wetted parts for proving concepts, research projects and small scale systems. Bespoke units are available and a 230VAC 1 phase 50Hz motor is fitted as standard.

A&M-Nikuni KTM pump trial unit

In order to provide industrial clients, researchers and special applications a means of proving the Nikuni KTM pump for their purpose, the Nikuni KTM pump trial unit is modified by A&M in the UK. 

The trial unit can be supplied with all wetted parts in SS304 or SS316 stainless steel.  Customisation is possible and special bespoke units are frequently ordered for specific research projects.

Each trial unit is offered as a complete plug-and-play ready-to-run system.  Gasses used through the trial unit include:

  • Ambient air
  • Hot air at >100°C
  • Oxygen
  • Hydrogen
  • Ozone
  • Nitrogen
  • Chlorine
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Flue gas mixes
  • Methane etc.

Standard basic specification includes:

  • Nikuni KTM20N monoblock pump
  • Robust polypropylene base
  • SS304 or SS316 wetted parts
  • 16.6 lpm pump flow
  • Fine bubble discharge at an average bubble diameter of 25µm
  • Multi-voltage 50/60hz IE3 rated motor professionally wired for 230VAC 50Hz operation
  • Industrial class on/off isolator c/w overload
  • 2.5m power cable c/w 13A 3 pin plug
  • Suction line gate valve (3/4" BSPP threaded ports)
  • Suction line compound gauge (-1bar to + 2.5bar)
  • Gauge isolator valve
  • Air/gas inlet valve c/w shunt type inline check
  • Air/gas flowmeter (0 to 5 N/lpm)
  • Air/gas line isolator valve
  • Discharge line pressure gauge (0 to 10 bar)
  • Discharge line gauge isolator valve
  • Discharge line swing-check valve
  • Excess air tank in PVC
  • Excess air vent valve c/w float
  • Discharge line gate valve (1/2" BSPP threaded ports)
  • Fully assembled and tested on tap water
  • CE Marked in the UK


  • Excess air tank in SS316
  • Excess air tank in SS316 with bolt-on flanged top hat
  • All SS316 pipework and connections
  • Ozone/oxygen/hydrogen/methane/chlorine etc. gas line linked isolator valve
  • Air/gas flowmeter with dedicated (specific) gas scale
  • Controls package with additional inputs/outputs

Trial unit applications:

  • Microbubble/fine bubble research projects
  • Research projects requiring microbubbles/fine bubbles of air or a specific gas
  • Small scale aeration projects
  • Research trials
  • Spa bath treatments
  • Fish farm tank treatments
  • Feeding algae with different anaeraobic gas mixes
  • Depuration of shellfish 
  • Sterilization of systems using ozone
  • Trial preparation of bottled water systems
  • Trials of CIP using ozone in industrial systems

Aeration & Mixing welcomes enquiries for A&M-Nikuni trial units for small projects, pre-large scale installations and research activities.