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A&M technologies and their applications

Applications of Nikuni KTM gas-mixing (fine bubble) generating pumps, VDF hydrocyclones for separation, A&M aerator/mixers, A&M fluidic oscillators.

Technologies and expertise shared... 

Nikuni KTM gas-mixing pumps have been used for over 25 years around the world across many sectors of industry to generate a consistent fine bubble discharge (microbubbles at an average diameter of 25µm) combining many different fluids and gasses.

Nikuni KTM pumps offer a range of fluid flows from 16 lpm to 700 lpm (50Hz operation, 60Hz also possible) and air or gas injection up to 10% of the fluid flow.

Please play the video below, it shows how the fine bubble discharge starts immediately after the pump starts and continues with very little variation.  A typical Nikuni KTM pump performance, see...

Typical applications:

  • DAF systems/IGF systems
  • Aeration systems/Aeration of activated sludge
  • Removal of suspended solids/Waste particle separation
  • Lagoon aeration/Ambient air into water
  • Carbon dioxide injection/Chlorine injection/Hydrogen injection
  • Methane injection/Nitrogen injection/Oxygen injection
  • Ozone injection/CIP systems/Integrated circuit cleaning
  • Rendering plants/Paper mill process water recycling
  • Paint booth drainage/Aquaculture - fish farming
  • Depuration of shellfish/Marine tank clarification
  • Soil and ground water remediation/Algae ponds
  • Fuel systems/Evaporation systems/Spa bath systems 
  • Mixing liquids with other liquids/Mixing powers into liquids

Aeration&Mixing© welcomes enquiries for new applications and adaptations of this versatile design of regenerative turbine pump

Nikuni VDF hydrocyclones are used the world over to separate fine particles of waste from fluids.  The principal application of the Nikuni VDF is the removal of metallic contamination from machince tool coolants and metal forming fluids.

The VDF range available covers from 20 lpm to 300 lpm and in a variety of configurations including separate units for OEM systems, semi-automatic and fully automatic standalone entities.

Nikuni FHD/STWS industrial singe and twin stage regenerative turbine pumps are used extensively in steam boilers and steam generators.  Nikuni Co's 30 years' experience in the manufacture of close tolerance regnerative turbine pumps has led to the development of these heavy duty pumps, ideally suited to the on-off duty cycle of this application

A&M Aerator/Mixers are a new design of aerator ideal for large scale installations where large volumes of ambient air are needed in conjunction with strong turbulent mixing.  The three model range will encompass operational depths of up to 6m and are idea for active sludge aeration.  Recent experiments have shown that depths of over 10m can be accommodated and deliver excellent BOD5 results in a variety of waste water treatments. 

A&M Fluidic Oscillators are large scale products aimed at the oscillation of air in pipes, ducts and conduits.  Applications include assisting the conveyance of gasses, fluids and materials in pipes, ducts and conduits where the intense oscillation of the air flow can prevent premature blockages.  A typical example is the pneumatic conveying of biomass such as cellulosic lignin serving fast pyrolysis systems, preventing fibrous particles partly attaching and keeping them in suspension.  The dual outlets of each unit also allow for a supply of hot air/gass to be directed at two locations from a single source.

A&M welcomes new applications for any change of state process that can use these innovative products.